Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Official Trailer in Backwards

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    Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Official Trailer in Backwards.
    ►VLAD TOYBOY Kids Channel►
    From the creators of My Talking Tom comes your new favorite game, My Talking Tom 2! Play with your new virtual best friend Tom in his cool free game and go on the adventure of your life!
    THE KING OF CUTE: Talking Tom is cuter, funnier, and more adorable than ever before. He reacts to everything you do and there are new surprises every day!
    EVERYDAY FUN: Feed Tom when he’s hungry, wash him when he’s dirty, put him to bed when he’s tired, and take him to the toilet when he’s… really got to go! Watch him grow from a baby to a big happy cat!
    TAKE EXTRA CARE: Tom sometimes gets sick, so he needs you now more than ever before. When he gets a booboo, go to the medicine cabinet and make the poor little guy feel better.
    PLAY WITH TOYS: basketball hoops, push Tom on the swing, or go jumping on the trampoline. Tom now has a box full of toys and they all make him happy!
    PICK TOM UP: Tom loves it when you lift him up into the air. Try spinning him, dropping him, or throwing him. You can even put him in the bath, on the toilet, into bed, or into his cool plane!
    EXPLORE NEW WORLDS: Fly in Tom’s plane and discover exciting new worlds. Bring back amazing treasures and use them to dress Tom up and decorate his house.
    MEET TOM’S PETS: Yes, Tom has a pet too, and there are four more pets to discover! Each one has its own look and personality. Try feeding one and see what happens!
    NEW MINIGAMES: There are brand new minigames to play, including puzzle games, action games, and Tom’s first ever multiplayer minigame!
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Tippy Toys n' Fun
Tippy Toys n' Fun

Funny video 😂😂♥️♥️

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